Indecision and writing

I’m a horrible decider. Ask me what I want for dinner, and my answer usually is something along the line of “uhmmmmm“. That’s annoying to others, but not something that harms me in the long run.

There’s one part of indecision that is harmful to my writing.

I work on one writing project, and then hit a moment where I need to make a decision about something big or small and I jump to another, flittering back and forth without truly finishing anything.

It’s quite tempting to not make any creative decisions, to tell yourself that you probably need some time before you can finish something.

I noticed how incredibly toxic this is when I opened a planner for April 2017. In it was a list of projects I wanted to make for Etsy.

Etsy is still empty, none of these projects saw the light of day. I could see in a big flash of realisation why I never did. Every single one had something I needed to ponder about, a decision I needed to make, big or small.

And I’ve never done that.

Indecision is so tempting, but finding something fantastic that you’ve failed to publish as a result of it, is heartbreaking.

I’m going to figure out ways to counteract my indecision, and I will share what worked and what didn’t in a post for later this year.

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