Imperfection is part of writing

I have just hit publish on a new journaling book/project, more on that coming soon, and another is brewing in the back of my mind.

I know that, even in the brewing stage that my new idea is in right now, it is going to be imperfect when I publish it.

I have learned to accept that because the book I have published now has been in the back of my mind for many years and I only could publish it by accepting imperfection.

In fact, I know it was imperfect when I hit publish. I was just sick and tired of reading through the text again, of trying to catch small errors before hitting publish.

I accept that the moment I open my newly printed books, I will find imperfections. I will find a spelling error, or see how I should rewrite a line.

But I know that if I keep going back to it, the book will be on the shelf for ten more years.

I accept my imperfections now, and work on my next project.

Simple as that.

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