I’m a coward

I’m having a big clear-out of my files and my blog and such, and I’m finding something startling, and yet, not so. 

I’m a coward. 

In what way am I a coward? I don’t share most of the stuff I create. I keep it gathering dust in a corner of my dropbox until it has lost all shine. I have loads of projects ready to go out on Etsy, and I haven’t published them. 

I’ve also found a folder full of doodles that I’ve never shared on Instagram. Some of them made me feel so joyful. 

With all that in mind, why am I a coward?

Because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of rejection, of not selling anything, of being seen as stupid. 

So how do I stop?

By taking a leap. I’m going to grab my bullet journal and I’m going to make a list of projects I find that leap out at me, begging to be published, shared and every month, I’m going to pick one.

And the instagram images? I’m going to share the heck out of them! What else is there to do? 😉

(picture by Jan Kahanek)

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