I want to be a reader again!

This year, one of my year-long goals is reading 100 books. After having had a couple of years where I read 60-ish, this is a daunting task. I think it is doable.

The goal is important to me because I want to feel like a reader again.

I have been a reader ever since I learned how to. I lend tons of books at the library, bought many, many books when I had money to spend, and as a result, I now have my own library.

And part of that library is a TBR pile that hasn’t shrunk over the years.

So, why don’t I feel like a reader now? Well, that is simple. I do read a lot still, but not in a book.

Most of my reading these days is done online. On social media, on news sites, on websites while researching stuff.

I don’t think that makes me a reader. It makes me a news consumer, a procrastinator and a researcher going off on a tangent or two.

What makes me a reader is grabbing my Kindle or a physical book, plonking my ass down in a chair, in bed, or on the garden couch in summer, and read.

I have so many diverse tastes. I can’t read Science Fiction and Fantasy (my favorite genres) at the moment because I am editing a book in the same genre, but I have many other favorite genres and non-fiction categories to keep me covered.

I have a TBR pile and if I can’t find anything interesting in it, I also have a library full of books to re-read.

Reading 100 books is doable.

I hope 🙂

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