I’ve abandoned my novel

I started the month with the intention of finishing my novel the Dark Net.

About half into the month, I decided to abandon it. The reason is a tough one to deal with still. The reason is that it came WAY too close to the truth.

In the novel, set in a near future, a megalomaniac businessman becomes president of the US, and all goes to shit. The story is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. He wasn’t the main character, but he was deeply involved in the plot.

Suddenly, after the 8th, that idea became something close to reality and writing on it made me feel sick to my stomach. I broke down and cried at one point, and I talked with my writing partner on it.

She and I both agreed that it was time to abandon the novel. I zipped up the folder and moved it to my archive. Then I dug up a project I was completely stuck on last year, and I breathed new life into it in the shape of 10.000 ish words.

This novel is so close to my heart. It feels like I never was meant to write the Dark Net, no matter how much I liked the main character.

I know she will show up for another story one day, or maybe, when the time is right, I will pick up the Dark Net again.

But for now, I am good with the abandonment 🙂 And I get to write on a story that I loved the moment I started writing it. The fact that I was stuck comes from that deep love I have for that book 🙂 I wanted to do the book justice and through it I lost track.

Being able to shape that story again is such a great gift. I am very grateful indeed!

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