I suddenly love audiobooks

I have greatly surprised myself in my reading adventure this year. I am 6/100 books in on my Goodreads challenge, and three of them are audiobooks.

I have been a sporadic listener to audiobooks over the past years, mostly nonfiction, this year I have discovered that I love to listen to audiobooks when I am doing tasks that don’t require much brain power. During last week I was working on my blog most of the time, editing out import errors and more such fun things and I have listened to two books in the process.

And I loved every second of it! How I never thought to do that in the past, I have no idea.

The next set of audiobooks is on my iPad, and I can’t wait to listen to them. It hasn’t kept me from being a reader.

I am still attempting to read first thing in the morning on my Kindle, trying to replace my usual routine of grabbing my phone and reading the news or Twitter. Neither are good for my mental health so I need to learn new habits.

All in all, I am pretty impressed with the past 3 weeks. I am becoming a reader again and that makes me insanely happy!

I have discovered another new habit in this process too, I will blog more about it over the upcoming weeks.

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