I leave this in 2017!

I have watched and re-watched the video below (from John Green, who wrote my favourite book of the year) and was instantly inspired to write my own post on the subject. Here is my list of things I leave behind in 2017:

  • Don’t spoil your day with reading Twitter (oh my god the world is in flames!) or the news before breakfast. Write morning pages instead. Or make art. Or write poetry.
  • Watching TV instead of reading a book. Reading a book makes you a better writer, watching hours on end of TV makes you a procrastinator who doesn’t work on her writing.
  • The fact that you are in pain doesn’t mean you should be a couch potato at all times, conscious moving heals.
  • And lastly, leave behind the notion that you can only be one thing, creatively. Make art when you need to make art, write when you need to write, play in your art journal when you want to play. All creativity feeds writing.
  • Not having faith in my abilities. Not having faith in all I can do makes me feel very small. And I am sick and tired of feeling that 🙂

And here is some of what I keep!

  • Reading loads of books on a myriad of subjects. Feed the hungry learning mind even more than you already do.
  • Also a keep: healthy eating. Can be healthier, but this year I made significant leaps in that area!
  • Editing is joyful. Keep the zeal and spirit up and edit the novel fearlessly!
  • Another keep: walking. Walking is so good for me! Also, making the Fitbit light up when hitting the daily step goal = awesome!

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