I can’t do it! Oh wait, I can!

I had set myself a goal at the start of the month: write 30 blog posts this month, one every day. It is now the 29th day and I DID IT. I even did it while moving to a whole new blogging platform (Blogger to WordPress) and editing my novel.

But, every once in a while I thought I couldn’t do it. I woke up in the morning and thought: crap, I can’t write a single thing today. Oh well, I’ve failed. Too bad.

Before the day was over, I had a post up and shared it all over the internet. That’s how I roll 🙂

The thing is, if you get in your own way, you can get out of your own way too?

Once you realise that, you learn to trust that your muse always finds a way to whisper through the cloud of self-defeating thoughts.

And deep within I know that while I whine about not writing a post, the post I am to write is percolating.

Sometimes, the idea for the post of the day is already there, somewhere in my notes, or in my journal. Just a simple scribble can get me writing.

I am so happy with my progress this month. I think I have written at least 5000 words in blog posts alone.

I can’t promise I will repeat the same next month, as it is a month with a theme, I will post more on that on Dec. 1!

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