I am so grateful for books

This past week I have been in major distraction seeking mode.

I  have an injury in my left foot, and it kept me from doing anything other than sitting still and hoping the pain subsides (will write more on that on Sunday).

I have distracted myself with TV, but also with books. I have listened to a lot of audio books, and read some short ones I could finish in a day.

I have looked for new titles I could read after the ones I selected for the week, and I have found new favourite authors. I have also almost finished reading another Grisham book.

All in all, reading has been a lifesaver. Having a kindle and a phone that plays audiobooks has been a big gift. I am so happy I am a consummate reader and not a consummate running-around-er, or I would have been pretty grumpy person by now 🙂

But now, I can’t wait to continue reading the Grisham, in bath I might add 🙂

Happy reading!

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