I am done with….

I am here to declare that I am done with….

  • I am done with hating my body. It is beautiful the way it is, and I can only fill it with love and joy and bubbles of kindness.
  • I am done with saying sorry. I am here, I make mistakes. I say stupid things without thinking. Instead of saying sorry, I will say I love you. I love you and it is time I love me enough to stop saying sorry for being me.
  • I am done with moulds. I break them. All of them. There. Shattered. I am Sylly and I am doing things my way. So there!
  • I am done with excuses. If I make them, I will kick their ass and do stuff. If I see others make them, I will gently push or shove them towards their truths. There is no excuse for not following your big life dream.
  • I am done with ego. It’s a construct that really doesn’t serve me anymore.
  • I am done with being sucked into TV news. If I need to be sucked into something and let all my emotions flare I will read a book or do something else. I don’t help anyone by sitting in front of the TV going oooohhhh or aaaaargghhhhhhh. I will know what happens in the world through social media. My friends are my media. I know I will be able to send my energy and help where it is needed. And that’s not passively watching TV and feeling I do something. It’s empty.
  • I am done with shallowness. A full and simple life for me is all depth, all feeling, all emotion, all love. Time to live it.
  • I am done with being told what I should do. All I need to do is give love and spread joy. The rest will follow.
  • I am done with sadness. Being sad compounds on itself. Yes, I have pain, yes there is major suck in my life sometimes. I cry and move on. Ripples on the water don’t stay glued in place, they move on.
  • I am done with thinking I am old. I am me. Age doesn’t define me, neither do my wrinkles. I have had quite a journey. My wrinkles are my travel ticket stubs.
  • I am done with this post. I think I have said all I wanted to say. Now it is time to let it sink in and do my sacred work.

What are you done with?

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