The art of complicating things

Here’s a peek into my frazzled mind 😀

So, I had decided to blog here, on this website, because I wanted to reconnect with a part of myself.

And then I thought: wait, I need my stories, my poetry and my articles on creativity somewhere else. Maybe on a blog under my name?

So, I set up the blog. duplicated this one, started to remove blog posts so that only my writing would remain.

I deleted more and more categories, killed more and more tags.

And then I just stopped, realised what I was doing and deleted the WordPress installation.

What I was doing you wonder? I was making things complicated again.

Making things complicated is a thing my brain does. It just goes off on tangents and eventually kills something I really love to do. I know now that my brain does this. I didn’t know that in the past. So, dear brain, I am going to stick with what I have.

And my personal page? That will probably turn into something else entirely. Or I might link this blog to it after all. Because I, dear blog, can do silly stuff when I let my brain run amok!

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