How I keep creating

There is a consistent thread in a lot of posts I’ve read this week, on Twitter, on Instagram and in some blog posts. A lot of creative people have trouble creating.

Anxiety has been part of my life since the Coronavirus was no longer just a virus that dwelled in a faraway country. I’m one of those at-risk people, so that made it extra scary.

Yet, I’ve kept creating, throughout the past months. some of it published, like the mini journal.

There is a difference though. When I write a poem, I write it to centre myself. Art journal play calms me down like nothing else.

How I start creating in the mornings: morning poetry!
today’s morning poetry, the perfect way to start my day creating

Writing a blog post is an act of self-care.

And sitting here, writing these words, it heals me, it grounds me. It connects me to who I am.

One thing I have stopped doing, though, is working on long-form things like my novel.

It just is too much. I like my creativity bite-sized.

I am editing blog posts and short fiction still, and poetry, in fact, I’ve ordered a proof copy of that collection!

But a novel is just too far-fetched. The will do edit it will come again, I have no doubt.

As long as I keep creating, I’m fine.

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