How I doodle my way to writing

I have added a new step to my haphazard morning routine since earlier this week. It’s a bit of a weird one, as it has nothing to do with writing.

Or so it seems.

The step? Play in Procreate.

detail of one of my circle doodles

It’s a step with no real goal. I just open a page and start doodling, or I work on my just drawing circles piece, a great way to draw yourself calm that John Green suggested here.

It reminds me of what an art teacher once told me, that art has to have meaning, even if only to the artist.

That line never made sense to me. Can’t you just make art for the heck of it? Can’t you make art to calm down?

I’m definitely using art in that way, drawing myself to a calm state of mind so I can work on my projects.

It’s also helping me to fall asleep at night. I doodle something on the bedside table, curl up and sleep.

Reading used to take that place, but these days my head is so full of a lot of words, reading doesn’t relax me as it used to.

I’ve had a saying for years: creativity begets creativity. I tend to forget it, but doodling showed me the way again, this week.

So I start my days with imperfect doodles just like the one that accompanies this post.

So simple yet so effective.

Wish everything else came this easy!

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