Have the Flu? Seek Joy!

Two weeks and a bit ago, I fell ill. The flu. I had a fever, was coughing constantly, slept badly.

On the surface, everything was misery. Yet, thanks to my study of Stoic philosophy, I knew that I should be resilient, and find joy in even being sick.

I struggled with that, though. I wanted to lie back in my pillows, and dramatically sigh that I hated being sick, and to be a burden on my beloved.

a quote on finding joy whole being sick, very apt for when having the flu.
this quote was very inspiring in the process!

And then I decided to give joy a try. I closed my eyes and asked myself, “What would make me feel joyful right now?”

I decided that whatever answer came, I would just do it.

So, I played a game I love, read a book I loved to read the first time, listened to an audiobook or two, watched tonnes of youtube videos on various subjects that came up after I asked the question.

I also binge-watched a show I love, one I have seen countless times, and took a bath in the middle of the day, and watched Instagram stories in the middle of the night.

And I found that, even though I felt as sick as I did before, I felt so much better, after. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much during an illness as I did with this one.

I also wasn’t grumpy for not sleeping well. I pursued joy at any moment possible, and had no time to feel grumpy.

I am mostly healed right now, but I keep asking myself the question. That is why I am now writing this in my office instead of lying in bed reading.

Writing this post brings me the most joy at this moment in time. Wonder what will come up next!

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