Goals for the first three months

One of the things I have learned from my 18 before 2018  list, is that it’s working well for me to set goals for a couple of months. After my failed weekly goals attempt at the start of 2017, I am happy that I have found a way to set goals that works for me!

Here are my goals for the upcoming months, starting with the goals I have for the whole year.

Year-long goals

1. Read 100 books
From my keep in 2018 list: Reading loads of books on a myriad of subjects. Feed the hungry learning mind even more than you already do.

2. Eat healthily
Healthy food + movement = a happier Sylvia

3. 1 million steps 
I love to walk, and 1 million steps should be doable 🙂

Goals for January – March

  1. Publish a book of Elfjes and doodles
  2. Make my t-shirt shop
  3. Learn to play Radiohead’s Creep
  4. Finish my current art journal and film it for Youtube
  5. Visit Disneyland Paris
  6. Finish Bookstore edits, at least on paper
  7. BaCA final draft
  8. Add old blog posts to my blog and post “this day in past years” on social media
  9. Keep simplicity in mind. Where can I make our home even more focused on a simple, joyful life?
  10. Have weekly artist dates, even if they are to the cafe near by to write there 🙂

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