Three Simple Steps: get rid of clutter

So you have decluttered your house, and you have a lot of clutter gathered, some still may be in boxes.

You’ve set them aside for the big selling it and making money on eBay plan. You start selling some, but are still left with an awful lot of stuff, cluttering up your garage.

.Sounds familiar? Bet the answer is yes for some of you. Here are some simple steps to get rid of clutter once and for all. The big rule is: handle everything once. Hold an item in your hands, and assess each item according to these steps. Then fill other boxes with the recyclables and the thrift store items, and get those out of your home ASAP.

Step 1: Could it still hold value for someone else?

Yes: Go to step two

No:   Recycle it.

Step 2- Is it worth the effort of making an ad on a free listing or auction site?

Yes: Take a picture, write an ad, list it. Go to Step 3.

No: Donate it to the thrift store

Step 3 – Did it sell?

Yes: Great! Collect your earnings and ship it. No: Donate it to the thrift store.
That’s it. Simple as can be. If you have an awful lot of clutter, first tackle one box, then another, then another. You will end up with an empty garage and a tired, but happy, smile on your face.

*use the following formula: expected auction win x 4 = hourly wage for the ad. For the ease of the formula, I estimated a total of 15 minutes per ad. For instance: selling 4 trinkets for 1 euro on a free listing site gives a net wage of 4 euros an hour. 

Would you want to work for a boss who pays you only that amount of money?

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