Frugal, not scarce

Over the years I have tried to live frugal. This worked with varying levels of success, from very frugal, not even spending money on books (a big breakthrough for me!) to attacks of spendthrift Santa would be jealous of. 

I think I finally defined for myself why I am having such a hard time with accepting to live frugally. I challenge my presumptions, and change them so I can be frugal, and live a life of bliss. 

presumption 1: Being frugal means denying myself bliss. 

An example: books. I do not have to buy every book that comes out, but books from my favorite authors… Sometimes there is no greater joy than running to the bookstore, and holding the book I have been waiting for in my hands at last. I am still going to do that, and for the rest read books in the library, or buy them very cheap, secondhand. 

presumption 2: Being frugal means I have to stop rewarding myself for tasks accomplished. 

Sometimes a reward on the horizon, like buying a favorite magazine for decluttering for hours, is all I need to get started with my work. Now I reward myself with things I enjoy, like getting a bag of flower bulbs and putting those in the ground. 

presumption 3: Being frugal is work, there is no fun to be found. 

That is a hard one, and I have decided to assign a purpose to the money I save up. It is for a dream vacation (camper journey for months through Europe), or for new furniture. I know I am kidding myself, but dreaming and being frugal is better than being frugal and feeling like you are pinching pennies for some disaster looming in your future. 

presumption 4: Being frugal means eating bland, uninteresting food because its cheap 

One of the greatest joys in life is eating a wholesome healthy meal. My weekly veggies are the one thing not to be frugal about. Just buying them on sale helps.It is hard to give up a food addiction, candy and stuff, but eating healthy really helps with all my other goals in life. Awarding myself with fruits and veggies is fantastic. Another thing that will help with this goal is the fresh soil that awaits planting this spring. Growing my own veg is a goal I had for many years now. I am so happy this finally happens. 

What are your presumptions about being frugal? And how can you counteract them 

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