Five reasons why I do yoga

Shortly before the new year, I picked up my daily yoga practice again, and it feels like coming home in my body.

In the past, I went through cycles with yoga. I pick it up and then one day decide to stop. I don’t even know why. Maybe I should ponder this in another blog post.

All I know I don’t want to quit anymore, I want to keep this practice up because it is so good for me!

And that is why I am writing this. Here are my five reasons why I want to keep doing yoga. I will write those five keywords on a small poster that I will hang where I can see it every day.

  1. Grounding. Yoga makes me feel balanced and connected to mother earth.
  2. Healing. The deeper I go into my asana, the deeper the healing is.
  3. Warrior. Doing yoga makes me feel strong, and feel more and more at home in my body.
  4. Stillness. Yoga teaches me inner and outer stillness. The moment I move up from my final asana, I feel whole.
  5. Intuition. Yoga makes me more and more intuitive. I don’t sit down with a plan on which asana I will do during my time on the mat. I ask myself what I need, and I move accordingly.

All of these benefits stay with me throughout the day. Even as I write this, many hours after my time on the mat, I feel it.

I believe that this list is enough to keep me committed to my daily yoga practice.
This is the second post on yoga so far, this year. It might be a thing 😀

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