Finding my creative joy again

Here’s something I wrote down during the week as inspiration for this post.

  • I can’t remember when I last played in my art journals. That makes me sad.
  • I also don’t know when I wrote my last poem. Was it last week? Or?
  • I haven’t edited my book in weeks.
  • I haven’t made a doodle in ages.

Reading this list made me sad, and the first thing I did was grab my little sketchbook and doodle. I instantly felt better. Ever since I have made a constant effort to at least journal every day, make a simple, little doodle, or just have a sit down with my sketchbook and scribble down ideas.

I know why this happens: I had the flu and after that winter depression snuck in. I just didn’t feel like creating any more.

But I wanted to create, deep down. I needed to, in fact.

Thing is, in moments like these, creativity is the only remedy. Finding the joy of creating is essential.

I can’t even tell you how long I have felt like this, but the act of writing the list made me find my pen, my words, my knitting needles, my ink, my journals, my pens, my little scraps of paper.

In a way, creativity requires one thing and one thing only: getting out of my own way so joy can seep in again.

And then I find, invariably, that joy was there to begin with, it was just hidden from view, like I had turned the kaleidoscope that is life to a different setting.

I am back to joy again, no matter what!

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