Feeling like a failure (vs joy)

As I sat down to write this week’s post, failure was on my mind. I realised I haven’t done much on my monthly leap. I haven’t done much artjournaling at all to begin with, and haven’t finished the book as I’d hoped.

I could sit and bash myself over the head for it, but that’s not very joyful.

I know the reason why I haven’t done much. I had the flu + needed to recover from it for most of February, and therefore didn’t feel like playing/didn’t have the energy to.

In fact, only this week I started to feel a tad energetic again, thankfully.

I did other things that made me feel joyful, like knitting socks, listening to audiobooks, reading, plotting a new monthly leap for later in the year, and doodling.

This is why my monthly leap for March is going to be artjournaling again!

Now I am feeling better, I’m more than ready to get my fingers sticky with glue, marked with wax and ink, and trembling with joy.

I’m sharing most of my progress on Instagram, so do follow me there if you’d like to stay up to date!

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