Everything is inspiration

One of my most joyful tasks every week is emptying out my Evernote inbox.

During the week I fill my inbox with screenshots, pictures, quick little notes, things that happen that might inspire a future blog post etc.

I divide the posts over the notebooks I have, ideas for blog posts go to the ideas folder, for the book I am editing go to the book folder, things I want to research to the feed my curiosity folder etc.

I may not go back to those notes in weeks, but I know that they are there when I need them to be there, to inspire my writing or my art.

Opening yourself up to inspiration like that, makes you see that everything is inspiring. A comment someone makes on Instagram could spark a blog post, a picture you take now could inspire a short story, a few scribbled lines could become a poem one day.

Having my Evernote set up in this way makes it a continuous inspiration, a treasure trove filled with sparks that could light up my writing life one day.

What a gift 🙂

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