Dump your inner judge

One of the things that keep creative folk from publishing their work is self-criticism, the incessant blabbering of the idiotic judge with an ego the size of the sun who gets to tell us how our work sucks. 

We have created that judge. Every single criticism we’ve received as a child and as an adult is like a new cloak for him.

He sits on a throne because we put him there. Every time we take his crap seriously, he raises a little bit more above us, looking down on us with condescension and hate.

The thing that is the most annoying is that most of us aren’t even aware of him. We just act on his rulings and hide our art from the world.

I think it is about time those inner judges get fired! Show the world what you create, no matter what. Show your inner judge that your creativity is in control.

We are all connected. Someone may need to see/read/experience your work to be moved, to be changed, to create.

Create what your heart wants to create. And when your inner judge shows up to scream in your ears, stick out your tongue and go on creating.

When he still tries to overpower you, make him ridiculous. Give him a silly hat and imagine him shouting and stomping like a little child who doesn’t get a cookie.

Then giggle at him and create, freely and uninhibited. With the power of your fabulous inner child behind you, how can you fail?

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