Down? Just play!

Last week, I was down, I didn’t want to do anything other than watching a TV show.

I was so sick and tired of that feeling that I decided I needed to change my tune.

I walked to my office, put away the laptop and grabbed one of my art journals.

I put on my playlist of favourite Radiohead songs and started to play.

I just grabbed what called to me from the bins in my desk and started to play.

I can’t even tell you how long I played, or what exactly I did to each page.

Some play in my art journal

I just played. Fingers gained stains from ink, watercolours and wax crayons, page after page was filled with joyful colour.

And I smiled, sang along, cried at a song that tugged my heartstrings.

I was in the moment. Nothing else mattered. My world consisted of the book in front of me and the tool I held in my hand.

Did I make art? Who knows.

That’s in the eye of the beholder.

But did I play hard? Oh yes!

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