Dealing with ideas while editing

While I edit my novel, I often have ideas for either somewhere else in the book, or for another project.

I never let it break my editing, by, for instance, searching for the part of the book the idea is for. I always head to my notes document in Scrivener, and add it there.

Or, in case it is for another project, I go to google keep on my phone, type the idea in a new note, and continue editing.

I don’t allow myself to be distracted with ideas like that. If I do I will be working on something else and not on making my novel better.

It is so tempting though, to just dive into an exciting idea I have for a blog post, but I don’t allow distractions. Not until I am at the end of the scene and the chapter I am working on.

The notes file for my book is a mile long by now, but I am ok with that. When I am done with this editing pass of the book, I am going to dive into the notes, organise them in sections like characters, area of the book etc, and then dive into the next round of edits with the notes by my side.

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