Creativity is my life. A day not created is a day not lived for me. I need to create to find my joy and to find the words I want to share.

Case in point, yesterday.

I had a cruddy day yesterday. I didn’t feel good at all, and I lacked in self-care. I didn’t take pain meds, I didn’t use aromatherapy, I just felt like crap and didn’t care that I did.

I didn’t write my B-post and told myself I didn’t care about the challenge anymore.

Only much later in the day, after I had to cancel an appointment due to a full-blown headache, I remembered this month’s quest.

I took pain meds and crawled in bed. I took a half hour nap that did wonders. I used some aromatherapy and nestled in the pillows.

And then, around 10 PM, I finally wrote my blog post, in ten minutes flat. And I made a logo to go with it, Just because I could.

I also wrote some poetry and made a list on a new creative project for my bullet journal.

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