Creativity is simple

It’s late in the afternoon on Wednesday that I write this blog post. I was bringing some paper left over from tearing up magazines to the paper basket when I started to chant something that ran through my mind, afraid I would lose it on my way back to the computer.

Creativity is simple.

When I was a young girl I thought creativity was hard. I didn’t get good marks on my drawing skills, and my artworks were quite unremarkable. I didn’t feel creative, yet I wrote poetry from a very young age and I loved to knit and crochet. Made doll dresses and everything.

When I was in my twenties I felt I was starving for creativity, and went to art class, where I discovered that art class felt like drowning. The teacher noted that she only noticed I was happy when I got to make pen and ink drawings. (still, my favorite way to draw). I thought that meant that I wasn’t born to be creative, but for dull office work.

I wish I could go back in time and tell those two versions of myself that creativity is simple: you make what you want to make.

You want to make art? Find a way that works for you. Play. Tear up magazines and paint with snippets of paper. Draw ugly cats, and draw them time and time again until you see something that makes those cats you. That’s creativity.

Conforming to some sort of standard doesn’t make you creative. It makes you a pro at conforming to some sort of standard. Do you know how the rules came to be? Because everyone repeats them. You have to draw this and that way. You have to make that in that way.

Make your own path.

And then, maybe, one day you will walk down the stairs to toss away some paper and sing to yourself:

Creativity is simple.

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