Creativity in two questions

When it comes to creativity, you need to be blatantly honest with yourself about what you feel. Every day. Why? Because feelings can keep you from creating. Old fears, irrational thoughts, doubt, insecurity, all can get in the way of your creative output.

Being honest with yourself about what you feel can be a magnificent help in times when you feel stuck. Letting myself share all my fears takes away their power over me.

Here is what keeps me from creating stuff today:

. Fear of getting more pain
. Fear that the end product will suck
. Fear that I will trigger an asthma attack
. Fear that I will mess up my art
. Fear that I will waste pretty supplies

And this is what keeps me creating:
. The sweet taste of victory over fear
. Eagerness to learn and play
. Aching to have adventures
. Loving myself enough to create

What are your two lists for today?

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