Create, no matter what!

Like last year, I want to use part of NaNoWriMo to write daily posts on my blog. In the past, I did it under the flag of NaBloPoMo, but I can’t find anything about this year’s challenge. So I set my own. One month, 30 blog posts… I am in!

I am sick. It could either be a cold on steroids or the flu. No matter which one it is, I am stuck with it.

Even though I am sick, I still create. I have written in at least one of my journals each day, kept my bullet journal up to date, and even worked on my blog for a while.

Even though I feel sick as a dog, I create.

The reason why is simple: if I don’t create, I go grumpy. But, I do have some stipulations. I don’t overdo it, I only do the limited stuff, nothing too fancy and too mentally challenging. If I need to think about something too long, thoughts of me feeling like crap can slip in there too, and nothing happens.

It helps me so much to keep a level head, and to not go into the land of snot and self-pity 🙂

Another benefit of creating while sick is this: the pride of finishing something does wonders for healing!

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