Create a bliss book

Sometimes, when you are very elated (like I am now) it is hard to imagine that you will feel down again too. But you know that at some point you will feel stuck in a rut, or you feel very very sad. For those times you can make yourself a bliss book.

What is a bliss book?

A book with all kinds of things that make you smile, just a small journal, with pictures pasted in it, poetry that brings a smile on your face, quotes that remind you of the good things in life. A note of the small pockets of time where you experienced pure bliss. The more you add to it and the more you leaf through it, the easier you will be able to find your bliss in moments where life seems to be rough.

Give yourself just a couple of minutes a day to add to your bliss book, and give yourself a couple of minutes a day to remind yourself of what makes you happy. Of what brings a serene, happy smile on your face.

Over the next couple of weeks, to get you started, I will offer you some things that are in my bliss book.

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