Craving simplicity

I’m sitting in the garden as I write this, my tea pot and cup on one side, my phone on the other, my laptop perched in my lap. This is the perfect life.

I’m writing, I’m listening to birds singing, the sun warms the air even though I’m sitting in the shadow.

I’ve been craving simplicity for such a long time. And the funny thing is, nothing in my life is, right now. The house is a mess, the garden is filled with weeds, I have more writing projects waiting for my attention than I have the willingness to face, and I’m just overwhelmed with thoughts on what I have to do to bring myself to this point.

how craving simplicity leads me to refocus my life

It’s not just in the home where I crave simplicity. It’s everywhere. The yearning keeps creeping up on me and demands satisfaction.

I’ve even installed an app that will help me focus on one thing and one thing only.

My mind is just too erratic to focus on one thing so it needs all the help it can get.

And in the end, I notice  how much better I’m feeling after a couple of hours of focused work.

I also notice how crap I feel after a day of not finishing anything, just floundering.

I like the focused approach better 🙂

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