Changing the way I edit

I am currently editing my novel, tentatively titled Bookstore, and I ran into a problem.

I have diligently added some edits to the book on paper, and added new scenes and such. Everything seemed perfectly fine until I wanted to add something to the start of the book and found that:

a. I couldn’t read all of my handwriting and
b. I had no idea what I intended with the new scene.

I decided to make a drastic change. I started to add the edits I could read to my Scrivener document, and from there start editing it on screen.

It’s not ideal, I can’t stare at the screen for long, but with some adjustments, it is perfectly doable.

The ease of it is, that I can just add notes in the correct spot, add things to my notes instantly and all that jazz.

I might move to a way of editing where I keep my laptop at hand for long scenes and for the rest edit on paper, a sort of hybrid thing, or edit on paper and then add the edits to my Scrivener.

Everything needs to serve one purpose: to bring my book to a new draft asap.

I will come back to this topic once I have experimented further 🙂

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