Breaking a habit

I do not know if I have ever talked about my crafts here. Working on a crafting project just now did offer a great example of breaking a habit, so I’m going to talk about crafting now!

I’m am an avid crafter, from knitting to spinning to crochet to making patchworks. It is so satisfying and it is also one of the things I can do that fully keep me at the moment. If I don’t stay in the moment, I drop stitches or lose count.

In this, crafting is a deeply spiritual practice, which really deserves to be treated as such.

Just now I was working on my yoga bag, a colourful cotton bag designed 
to carry my mat around in, and to store it when its not in use around 
the house. I had finished the circular bottom of the bag, and wanted 
to cut off the thread. I grumbled when I could not find my scissors. 
Then I looked at the thread, and noticed it is built up out of at 
least 10 smaller threads. I could easily tear them apart, and after 
not even a minute of pulling, I had the thread cut off. Not pretty as 
it would have been done by scissors, but it was done.

Then I paused and realized something. How often does it happen that we 
are stuck in a habit or an addiction to something we can’t seem to get 
out of? Like watching too much tv, eating too much, sitting behind the 
computer too much. It is quite common to get the proverbial scissors 
out to drastically cut the habit. As in only allowing yourself only 
half an hour net use a day, or eating a healthy meal throughout the 
day, abolishing all unhealthy stuff. You set yourself up for failure 
that way. Habits grew over time, and it will take time to get rid of 

So in stead of cutting the habit drastically, change it thread by 
thread. In stead of cutting straight back to only half an hour 
internet a day bring it back by just 5 minutes, for a week. The next 
week, 5 extra minutes. Use timers to remind you of the promise to 
In stead of starting on a crash diet, vow to eat just one healthy meal 
a day. Or vow to eat two pieces of fruit each day. And then after this 
habit has set in, you can always expand to more healthy meals. Find 
which foods make you sparkle with life, and which foods don’t. Get to 
know yourself this way. 

Change your life in small steps, and then, all of a sudden, you will look and see you have made positive changes in your life, and the fun thing is? They seem effortless.  Allow yourself a small victory each day, in stead of a defeat each day. You will grow more confident, and your bliss will increase tenfold.

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