Be kind to yourself

This post is for those, like me, who have no chance in hell to make it to 50.000 words this month.

I knew at the start of the month that I wouldn’t make it to 50.000, given that I would mostly focus on writing for my blog and editing.

For you, it may be different. You may have started full of bravado, having 10.000 words within a few days before petering out near the middle of the month.

Don’t beat yourself over the head for not making it too 50K. Instead, look at the amount of writing you did.

Compare that to last month! I bet you didn’t write as many words in the previous month, or maybe in the whole year.

That’s what I consider to be a win!

Go on, celebrate your words, and then write a bit, maybe, because even though you haven’t made it to 50.000, your novel still wants to be finished, even though it may take you a bit longer than just a month.

Also, it doesn’t hurt your book to take a bit more time to finish it! I have a couple of completely shitty drafts that never will become a novel to prove that rushing things won’t make your writing better 🙂

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