Achieving goals while having chronic pain

I’ve had chronic pain for years, and all those years I’ve sucked at:

a. managing the pain and taking care of myself throughout
b. turning goals into a success.

This year I started with a chronic pain flare and the iron will and resolve to do better at both categories.

This is what I have started to implement this year:

Step 1: Break goals down into the tiniest of chunks
Once I set my goals for this year, I moved to Notion to break down my goals into small action steps. I’ve for instance made 12 different action steps for editing a short story collection I intend to publish this year. The steps are so small that I can do most of them even when I have pain-ridden days.

Step 2: Pick 3 of those action steps a day
I always have a top 3 of tasks a day, and most of my tasks are picked from my action steps. On bad days I pick the really simple, easy to do tasks, like sort files, and on other days I can go for some more challenging tasks.

Step 3: Set self-care goals and make them a priority
I have a checklist for my goals that I focus on daily, and self-care is a big part of that. I have added some of my self-care goals on the top of the list, because focusing on self-care makes all the other goals achievable.

All this will (hopefully) help me to mark off (most of) my goals in 2020.

I will write more on the subject in the upcoming months 🙂

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