A simple start of the day

I woke early again, something that used to aggravate me. Now I see it as a perfect reason to reflect on how much I have changed in the ways I start my day.

I used to wake up with the compulsion to read either the news or the Twitter feed. I do neither, now (funny how just writing this makes me want to go and check both).

I don’t start this way anymore because I have no desire to clutter my mind with negativity and anxiety just after waking.

I do want to start peaceful, by reading a book or by playing a simple game while pondering a blog post (more on that in Wednesday’s post).

I have to admit that I love the days where my blog post for the day is written before I have had my breakfast. It makes me smile every time I open up my bullet journal and see the big X next to “write today’s blog post.”

After reading and my breakfast, I am all about following my routines.

I will write more about how I have set my routines and the new ones I work on in an upcoming post.

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