A new curve in my Yoga path

These past couple of days I have been diving deep into a new to me form of yoga: Yin Yoga.

I have learned Hatha yoga and have practiced it for a long time now. I have a set routine with a lot of variations.

It never felt right for me though. After I fell on my knee three times in two years, I often had to stop because my knee was screaming.

After just one session of Yin Yoga, I feel the difference already, and that is amazing. I never expected it, because the Asanas are the same. The result is astonishing.

The pain in my knee lessened during that first session. I became calmer and even hours later I still smiled.

Yin Yoga helps me connect to my inner Stillness in ways I hadn’t in all of last year.

The practice of staying in an Asana longer and really moving deep within through the practice is amazing and so healing.

It made me realize that this is why there are so many forms of yoga. There is no one way to the soul. Everyone needs another form to find their core, their center.

Mine is Yin Yoga. It feels like home.

I am.

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