A book for every occasion

I always have several books on the go, had that ever since I was a little girl. At the moment I have these on my currently reading list on Goodreads:

This may seem like a lot, but every book is for a different time and place on a day. From top to bottom:

  1. The Scarlet Pimpernel – This is one of my after lunch reads on my Kindle, try to read a couple of pages a day. The story is getting really good so I might read this one in one go this week.
  2. The epic of Gilgamesh – My second after lunch read. Haven’t read this one at all these past weeks as I was sick and couldn’t concentrate. Try to read a couple pages a day. Am still in the introduction (aka the first half of the book) and it is tough reading, but I really love to read and learn.
  3. Mythos – Just bought this as an audiobook last week. It’s the one audiobook on my phone, a great listen in the mornings. Just love Greek Mythology!
  4. Northanger Abbey – This is the book that is turning me into a first thing in the morning reader instead of a news consumer. I read it through Serial Reader and a new installment is on my phone every morning, ready to be devoured 😀 Have read 8/30 installments so far. Am already pondering my next book.
  5. At home – The first book on paper 😀 This one is my current bath read.
  6. The book of tea – Found this one on Librivox last week, listening to this one while having one of my numerous tea breaks 😀

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