I wasn’t inspired at all to write today, but then I saw something on my inspiration list and immediately came running to write! I have a number of apps I use for my creativity.

Here they are, in random order.


The Gimp

My favourite editing software by far. I use it to create my website graphics, and I have a template to post poetry 🙂

Artrage Studio

I have an old version of this drawing program, and I love it! I draw in it whenever I Feel stuck and need some splashes of colour in my life.

Mac and iOS


br> My writing software of choice when it comes to anything longer than 1000 words 🙂 Currently using it daily because I am editing my novel.


Byword is my favourite editor, it’s a markdown editor, and I use it to draft my blog posts and such. I also store my short stories and poetry in Byword folders. It is simple and it works like a charm.


(no link because it’s preinstalled) I used Google Keep before, but now my note taking app of choice is Apple’s own notes. It is a catch-all for random creative ideas. Usually, ideas start out in Notes and then move to the other apps when I am ready to work on them. I also keep lists of projects that I want to do and each big project has a list of its own.



By far my favourite, use it more than the Gimp for my poetry posts on Instagram. I also draw in it and make effects on older artworks. It’s awesome 🙂


This app is pure play, I use it to take weird and wonderful pictures, the filters are just awesome. I use it in classic mode, because I prefer to be surprised with the effect instead of adding it later 🙂


br> Listening to the murmur of these cafe sounds makes me work so much better. On the Mac I just launch it from my browser, on my phone, I use the app.

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