20 random thoughts on an early Thursday morning

  1. So far so good on my reading challenge. Will finish reading book 6 today.
  2. There’s a storm blowing around the house. It is SO cold that I may need to put on a cardigan over my jammies.
  3. Every morning I am so grateful for my first sip of tea for the day. I know it would be better to drink water only all day long, but water with a tea bag in it is so much more delicious.
  4. I love it when cats snore. It’s such a cute sound.
  5. I usually start each day with a fruit smoothie with some vitamins and almond milk. I notice the difference in energy throughout the day if I don’t have my shake for breakfast.
  6. I pondered quitting blogging altogether, and posting my blogs on Instagram. I just couldn’t let go. I am posting some of my posts on Instagram though, a couple days later.
  7. I suck at marketing. I usually find it a soulless thing, to shout off the rooftops that I have something and that you should come buy/read it. Some writers get very spammy with their work and I don’t want to be that person. Not talking about my books isn’t an option though!
  8. That reminds me, I need to write a post about a way of marketing that doesn’t feel soulless and that I want to fully employ this year.
  9. Just turned up the heating. Shivering while typing isn’t really helping.
  10. Every time I get deeper into writing a blog post, my mind goes: need to do something else, this is boring! Ohhh notification, let’s do that instead! In this, writing is like a meditation, shutting up the monkey mind with words.
  11. After this, I am going to write another post about yoga, for Sunday’s blog. And then after that, an idea beckons for a post for Saturday.
  12. Really need to look at my quarterly goals today, too. After I finish writing this, I need to grab my bullet journal and write down all the tasks that come from this random thoughts session 🙂
  13. I can feel a poem brewing again. I think I need to keep my keyboard handy for when it is ready to be written.
  14. I am so grateful that I found a way to make bullet journaling work for me. I was so intimidated by all the pretty bullet journals when I first discovered them. Keeping it simple and messy is definitely my way.
  15. I really want to write more about bullet journaling, yoga, reading, writing, play, adventures, essential oils and many more things that are so busy spinning around in my head.
  16. I am editing my novel and it is both exhilarating and scary. I really want to do this story justice.
  17. I am so grateful for Grammarly. It makes my life so much easier. I keep misspelling some words, like exhilarating, and then Grammarly always jumps in with the correct spelling.
  18. I really want to write a post listing my favorite teas. It isn’t about creativity but it fuels it.
  19. Some days I go to bed and moan that I haven’t been very creative that day. Then I look at my bullet journal and read all the creative things I did on that day. The easiest way to shut up self-criticism.
  20. I am learning to embrace how imperfect I am. I no longer try to catch up on journaling for days I really didn’t feel like it, nor do I catch up on my daily doodles. I just turn the page and start anew, every time. It’s so liberating. I actually stopped journaling for a while because it became hard to journal when I wanted to write pages for previous days. Ridiculous, this perfectionism thing. Letting go of perfectionism really is a subject for a blog post I think.

That’s it! Wrote this list in 15 minutes, amidst a ton of distractions 🙂 I have no doubt that 20 random thoughts will return.

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