20 random thoughts on a way too early Sunday morning

  1. Don’t eat anything after dinner. If you do your stomach gets all crazy and you are awake at 4 writing blog posts instead of sleeping
  2. Every time I write my daily gratitude list, I feel so much better. No matter how I feel before, after writing I smile.
  3. There is a cat at the foot of the bed snoring louder than the man next to me.
  4. I am 64% fluent in French yet I feel like I’ve just begun!
  5. I’ve started to learn French because I want to read Le Petit Prince in French.
  6. I am going to learn Spanish next, for Neruda.
  7. I bought a romance novel in French thinking it would be an easy read to start with. Understood only half of the words on the first page.
  8. I have read 54 books so far this year. Next year I want to read 100.
  9. I have written a blog post every day for this past month!
  10. Did you know I write another blog? It’s called Joyful Minimalism. I try to post there every Wednesday.
  11. I hated WordPress when I first tried it. Now I really love it.
  12. It just started to rain so loud the sound drowns out the cat’s snores.
  13. I always try to stay positive, because it makes me feel better. That doesn’t mean that I am never sad or scared. It means that I don’t let the emotions rule me.
  14. Throat comfort by Yogi teas is so delicious.
  15. I am editing a novel and I love how the book develops each time I dive in. I am so happy that I decided to write daily blogs though. It keeps me sane.
  16. I love to write poetry too. I love the difference between all kinds of writing I do. Of all, poetry feels the most soulful.
  17. I am writing this post on my phone. Really love the WordPress iOS app.
  18. I love the “sleep with me” podcast. It doesn’t always make me fall asleep but most of the time it works.
  19. I have ordered the most beautiful dress yesterday. It’s a dress I wanted for years but it was always too expensive. It was on 70% discount! I am on a no spend month but I still ordered it. Hadn’t seen it that cheap before.
  20. Every time I write one of these lists I think I will never make it to twenty and every time I surprise myself when I am at twenty. Go figure.

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