20 random thoughts about road trips

  1. I love road trips!
  2. Just sitting in the car and listening to music with my husband is the best thing. 
  3. Being a passenger is the best. You can twist yourself into a gazillion curves to take a picture while your husband drives you around. 
  4. Talking about pictures: I often take way too many blurry pictures of things I see along the road. Most of them stay on my Google Photos 🙂
  5. We always talk about the most random things. 
  6. Sometimes we sit in silence, that is awesome too. 
  7. We always have a bag filled with delicious drinks and snacks behind our seats. Occasional snacking is allowed 🙂
  8. Hopping out of the car at a gas station is so much fun after hours in the car. Usually, you don’t appreciate that sort of thing. 
  9. In France, there are a lot of signs by the road that depict the landmarks that are nearby. I love to learn about history through them, sometimes googling the subject. 
  10. Top tip: wear shoes that are easily removable, and put your feet up on the dashboard despite your husband’s groaning. It’s so relaxing!
  11. Don’t underestimate the yearning for a fresh cup of tea (or coffee if you are so inclined). Give in to it, it will only get worse!
  12. Silly games are the best. My favorite is to make words with the license plate characters.
  13. You only know if you have learned enough of the language of the destination country if you speak to the locals. (bonus mental image: me with mouth hanging open, completely flummoxed at the strange language coming out of someone else’s mouth and knowing I only have learned a teeny tiny bit).
  14. Local delicacies. For instance, when you get to France, you get to eat Pain au Chocolat. It is the best. Seriously. The best. 
  15. Adventures! There are always adventures to be had along the road and at the destination. I always say that the best thing you see that day may be just around the corner. 
  16. And a note for writers: keeping a notebook at hand is essential, something inspiring may be just around the corner. 
  17. Eventually, you will get bored. It’s the perfect reason why Instagram exists. 
  18. Chatting and making plans for what you are going to do at the destination is the most fun of all. 
  19. Check that you can check into your hotel when you are going to arrive. I always do because once we arrived somewhere so late that it was technically closed. The nightporter let us in anyway, still scary 🙂
  20. It helps you appreciate Mother Nature. I so love the awesome ways in which she can paint landscapes. 

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