20 random thoughts on an early Thursday morning

I’m sloooowly adding old and new content to this website, and as I was updating picture for older posts, I saw some oooold 20 random thoughts lists.

I just LOVED re-reading them, so that is why, today, I’m writing another one.

  1. I just love setting up this new website. It’s such a culmination of a year filled with so many emotions I will need at least two years to describe them all.
  2. I have started to fast 16/8 again, after a stint with circadian fasting, which clearly is too short.
  3. Is there any sound cuter than a snoring cat? Even cuter tho: she is sleeping slanted, with her bum on a pillow and her head on the bedding.
  4. All of a sudden I love sleeping with my window open. I never used to love that ever since I was a kid. No idea why but I go with the flow.
  5. Another change: I am prioritising self-care. Not always succeeding, but it’s a start?
  6. I love the show New Amsterdam. I’ve only just started to watch it, but it’s great!
  7. I just love my office. It is the perfect place to work. Even when I am not able to go there due to health being out of whack, I tend to imagine sitting there 🙂
  8. My current favourite tea: yogi tea’s throat comfort. Which will probably mean that I will hate it in a couple of weeks. So is the cycle of tea for me.
  9. When 2020 started I yelled, “This is going to be my year!” and then 2020 said, “let’s see about that, here’s a virus that scares the living daylights out of you!”
  10. Book I loved to read the most last month: The Wild Remedy by Emma Mitchell. Also because it comes with so many gorgeous pictures.
  11. In another universe, I’m home from Glastonbury Festival, probably with festival crud. It’s real.
  12. Am I the only one who kills lightning cables on the regular? Gods, those things are flimsy.
  13. Also, why are Apple products getting so ridiculously overpriced? My mac is showing some signs of unhappiness, and I was looking at replacement costs, and I needed smelling salts!
  14. I’m experimenting with argan oil in my hair. That stuff is worth its weight in gold.
  15. I haven’t knitted in ages. I can’t even remember what the pair of socks I last cast on my needles looks like. I really need to start it again, for my sanity.
  16. Talking about sanity. Is it just me, or does it look like most of the sane people left twitter, and all that remains is people staunchly opposed to each other commenting on threads?
  17. I really need to focus on my minimalism journey again. Because geesh, the bedroom is just… (insert explosion emoji).
  18. It’s funny that I’m falling into the SAME habit with my lists again, where I think half-way through that I will never make it to 20, and then, all of a sudden, I have a couple more left to write 😀
  19. Now the windows are open, I hear a lot more birds, which brings me so much joy.
  20. And now I’m off to work on a new journal!

This was a lot of fun to write!!!

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