Creativity is messy
Paint-colored fingers
Change the world
In breathless love

Creativity is fire
Will to make art
Consumes all
Dirty dishes wait

Creativity is joy
Birth of new art
Limitless play
Conquers earth

Walking on opposite paths

When you walk the talk, when you really start doing what you were born to do, you will notice something startling. Some people really don't get what you are doing. Some people completely don't understand you, and tell you that you are wrong. 

Just realise this. This doesn't happen because your path is wrong. It doesn't happen because they were meant to walk your path, and they just don't understand you. It happens because they take a path right across from yours. 

Paths are like irises, they move from many directions to one center. The ones who walk on a path near you, get what you are doing. Those who take an opposite path, are not. You are not wrong. They are not wrong. They are just doing something entirely different. All roads lead to the Self, and your path will lead you there. 

So stop being afraid, and take a leap of epic proportions. 

It will be fantastic!

Sierra's Lesson

When my Sierra comes for a cuddle, she walks between both my hands, pushing aside whatever I am holding at the time. 

Then when I give her all my attention, she purrs and curls up in my lap, or next to me. 

In all her feline wiles, she is my teacher. She teaches me that, no matter what I am doing, I need to be there in full. 

I need to be present. 

I need to pour love in every moment of my day. 

I need to push aside my thoughts and just love. 

And, as she shows me now by walking to her feeding tray, be ready to reap the rewards life brings you. 


A couple of days ago I wanted to write poetry but I didn't know what. So I started with wanting to write, and out came this poem

I want to write poetry
I want words to flow onto my page
I want single lines to merge into
clouds of brilliant colors, evoked

I long to write poetry
I long to feel the tremble in my hands
As they write, type, the gloriousness
that is the poetry from the depth of me

I am, to write poetry
I breath in its words, live them through
The endless barriers of my mind and say
I am a poet, life is my song and breath

Welcome to my Playground

I have a blog on blogger. Had it for years. It is a perfectly fine blog, but it is not me. I feel like I have to jump through hoops to get things posted on there. I need something that was as simple as posting an email.

I used to have that on Posterous, the sadly defunct but so awesome site, especially when it was not Posterous Spaces yet.

  • I loved the playfulness in being able to share my thoughts at the drop of a hat. 
  • I loved that I could post up something just by composing an email and then see it appear on my blog moments after.
  • I also loved that it would share on Facebook and Twitter.

I wanted that back.

And now I have my Posthaven and it is as awesome as Posterous used to be. So yay for having all these wonderful things back into my life :)

You can expect a lot of posts at the drop of a hat. I love to just write something and hit send, and now I can do that wherever I am. I know one thing, it will be fun!