My A to Z theme reveal!

It is almost April! Here is my theme reveal for the A to Z challenge. This will be my fourth year, and I am in love with how focused it makes me in writing for my blog.

This time I am going to do something entirely different. As I am decluttering, I find things that I cherish a lot, and for many reasons. It is time I share their stories, both real and fantastical. So this year, my theme is... *drum roll*

Meet the bear that could, the pen that made me love handwriting again and the journal that changed my life completely. 

Let's have fun this A to Z, can't wait to see what you are all going to write!


Every year on St. Patrick's day I have a moment of deep sadness, as this is the day I lost my furry soulmate, Kayleigh. She was a black cat that looked like a Siamese.

She saved my life during a very bad depression and she was special to many.

The sadness usually goes away soon and gratitude follows in its wake. I got to live 14 years with the most beautiful girl. I learned so much from her, and still do. No better teacher of unconditional love.

This beautiful lesson of gratitude soon extends to my whole life.

I am grateful for all beings that are in my life. Each and everyone who touched my life, even in fleeting moments.

I am even grateful for my dentist, the amazing man who always greets me with a smile, knowing I would rather run away screeching like a banshee.

I know my beautiful Kayleigh, my amazing teacher is still around, somewhere, because she is in my heart. She lives on in moments of intense gratitude like I feel now.


This is the perfect moment for you to create your art. 

Don't wait until the stars align. 
Don't wait until the world seems less evil/cruel/harsh/unloving
Don't wait until you can make it perfect. 

Create more. 
Pour your heart into your art and make it shine. 

Create more. 
Fill your world with joy through your art.

Create more.  
Dream big. Be fearless. Be bold. Be brave. 


Confronting past demons (or teachers)

This year I am doing When Frogs Sing, a fantastic year long journaling workshop (pst, you still can sign up for it too!)

One of the aspects of that workshop is drawing.

When the drawing week began I happily started and then I just couldn't draw anything. I just sat there, dumbfounded, and wondered what the heck happened. 

Being well-versed at conversing with my fears, I soon had the answer: because of the one horrible, scary and awful art teacher I have had in the past.

This is the thing with sudden onset of fears or blocks, they are always rooted in the past. There is always a reason from your past for freezing on the spot right now.

What does your fear drag you back to?


Creativity is messy
Paint-colored fingers
Change the world
In breathless love

Creativity is fire
Will to make art
Consumes all
Dirty dishes wait

Creativity is joy
Birth of new art
Limitless play
Conquers earth

Walking on opposite paths

When you walk the talk, when you really start doing what you were born to do, you will notice something startling. Some people really don't get what you are doing. Some people completely don't understand you, and tell you that you are wrong. 

Just realise this. This doesn't happen because your path is wrong. It doesn't happen because they were meant to walk your path, and they just don't understand you. It happens because they take a path right across from yours. 

Paths are like irises, they move from many directions to one center. The ones who walk on a path near you, get what you are doing. Those who take an opposite path, are not. You are not wrong. They are not wrong. They are just doing something entirely different. All roads lead to the Self, and your path will lead you there. 

So stop being afraid, and take a leap of epic proportions. 

It will be fantastic!

Sierra's Lesson

When my Sierra comes for a cuddle, she walks between both my hands, pushing aside whatever I am holding at the time. 

Then when I give her all my attention, she purrs and curls up in my lap, or next to me. 

In all her feline wiles, she is my teacher. She teaches me that, no matter what I am doing, I need to be there in full. 

I need to be present. 

I need to pour love in every moment of my day. 

I need to push aside my thoughts and just love. 

And, as she shows me now by walking to her feeding tray, be ready to reap the rewards life brings you. 


A couple of days ago I wanted to write poetry but I didn't know what. So I started with wanting to write, and out came this poem

I want to write poetry
I want words to flow onto my page
I want single lines to merge into
clouds of brilliant colors, evoked

I long to write poetry
I long to feel the tremble in my hands
As they write, type, the gloriousness
that is the poetry from the depth of me

I am, to write poetry
I breath in its words, live them through
The endless barriers of my mind and say
I am a poet, life is my song and breath