U is for Uhhhhh

I tried to find a treasure starting with U
My mind spun and twisted, nothing came in view
All it brought up was U2 box set and that's cool
But my mind couldn't choose which, it became a fool

I thought of a porcelain urn my grandma left me
But that makes me a bit sad to see
As for me it still stands in the cabinet next to her
And that thought makes my sight all blur

So I have no treasure to offer on this page
Or maybe I have, says my inner wise sage
Even from not knowing you can write
Always trust that the words will be right

T is for Table

Old man,

You just won't believe what a drag it was to get the table to my fifth floor apartment.

Had to hire a crane as it didn't fit in the elevator. Gwen hated that. She hates anything that costs money. Unless it is for her stupid clothes and make up. Selfish bitch!

It wasn't that bad, tho. One of the men that helped carrying the table through the balcony doors was very kind. Gwen seemed to like Lance too. Saw them chatting and laughing in the kitchen over tea.

The table now stands in the center of the living room.

It's a bit dated if you compare it to the rest of the decor. Gwen hates the thing. She likes white furniture. Threatened to paint my table. I told her to stop being such a total drag. My house, my table!

I told her, no, fucking hell, I need my round table, and she gave in after I gave her a new credit card.

It's too big for the two of us, granted, but yeah.... May want to invite my friends over. Hmmmm maybe Lance wants to join us too. Have 13 chairs, after all. Fourteen if I count the one set aside for you.

Anyway, hope you come to visit soon, old man, we may need you here soon. Morgan needs to be taught a lesson. She is a total bitch.

Love, Art

S is for Shell

This shell is one of the most important objects on my altar. I found it on the beach in Portugal, at the start of what turned out to be a very tough year, physically. 

I keep it with me, because it has, ever since finding it, been a reminder that love is all around me. Everywhere. 


and, today is Earth Day. I love this planet we live on, as shown in this poem written after a beautiful spring walk. 

Come take a walk with me,
See our beautiful world through
Eyes of magic and wonder

See all the trees in bright green
Dressed up for a brand new spring
Branches reach out in celebration

The fresh spring air is alive with joy
Makes us giggle as we walk on
Adventure awaits at the next turn

Daffodils dance on the breeze
Happily stretching yellow leaves
To meet the tree filtered sunlight

Birds fly back and forth to their nest
Perched high in the chestnut tree
Branches shield the nest from the sun

A dog runs wildly through the forest
Spring in his bones, joy in his step
He barks at nothing, dancing on air

The pond is silver in the joyous light
Water lily spreads her leaves and
Promises the flowers will come soon

And then we turn again, left, right
Footsteps follow each other, each
Placed in joy in the nature we love

R is for rack

This rack has been a part of my whole life. Two of its drawers have shattered in its lifetime. Others have been precariously glued together.

When I see this rack, I think of our old kitchen. Helping mom cook. Gently pulling out the drawers to get what mom needed.

I loved the small drawers for the spices. Even just looking at these I smell nutmeg and cinnamon.

Now the rack is a pensioner. It just hangs there in our kitchen and every once in a while I look at it and smell mom's cake.

Q is for Quilt

I have an almost 100 year old sewing machine. She is a real treasure, so beautiful and still works so well.

I use it for my patchwork and very simple quilting. I am so in love with working on her.

This is the first I have created using her.

To you it looks like a simple potholder. To me it is a new way to play with my creativity. :)

I know that it technically is a patchwork, but I already had something for my p-post :)

P is for Pratchett

I used to work in a library, and I think that is the place where I met his books first. I imagine that I was drawn in by the awesome cover, a festival of color and crazy looking people. 

From the first couple of pages, I fell in love with Terry Pratchett’s wicked and wild mind. I fell in love with the world he had created. I learned that while I hate footnotes everywhere, I loved his footnotes, because they were often the funniest texts in his books. 

His characters jumped out of the pages and grabbed me by the hand. I loved them all, the wise, very old witch, the surly cop, the wizzard with the luggage that followed him on its many legs, the barbarian. I loved them all. 

My heart broke when I heard about his Alzheimer’s. I knew that beast of a disease, as I was losing my dad to that too. 

Terry passed away last month, and I am doing the best thing someone who loves an author can do: I am re reading his books, losing myself in his worlds again, and smiling and laughing out loud. 

And, as promised in my G post, here is a picture of the title page of Good Omens, the book that both Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman signed (well, Neil forgot to sign, but he did scribble!)

O is for Ornament (#fridayflash)

I keep her heart on the table by the door. It is so beautiful. When the sun hits it, even with only one small beam, her heart shines like it did in her eyes when she was alive. 

She hasn't been alive for a long, long time. 

I don't remember her face. I don't remember much these days. Yet, ever since I found her heart at the antiques store around the corner, I feel more alive. 

I sing again, bawdy songs from when we first started to date, about fair maidens and a-roving men. People have called me a daft old coot. They can talk. 

They don't know the love of the woman I married 52 years ago today.

I sit here and wait for the sun to shine. Putting a lamp by her heart doesn't work. The shine is only on the outside, then. I don't bother with that. I will just sit here, and wait for the sun to show me her heart. 

It is beautiful, but not as beautiful as she was.

If only I remembered her face.

N is for Nest

I had something entirely different planned for today, but my husband sent me this picture yesterday, asking if I had something for N. 

It's a nest. Moorhens come to make nests at the foot of the willow tree at the bottom of our garden every year, and every year it is like the ultimate sign that spring is here, for me. 

Our willow is one of my biggest treasures, as I once saved it from the hacksaw, defending it fiercely against those that don't care. 

I enjoy it every year, especially when it dresses up in all white fluff and then when it shelters the nest of little moorhens. 

So, I can declare, that now it is officially spring here at our house!

M is for miniature books

The fae love miniature books, they hang around and learn about Zen and tea, about Peter Rabbit and history. They learn new words from outlandish dictionaries and sneak in whenever they can to read poetry.

Fae love poetry because to them it is life, as the guardian of the bookcase —a young fae by the name of Glynn— often says.

I used to keep a small liquor bottle in that cabinet, but had to remove it.

Drunk Fae forget they can't sing.

Drunk Fae also forget they should hush their voices as loud singing wakes the cats.

And cats like to sing along, in ear-piercing, howling voices that haunt you long after they stop singing.

L is for Lanyard

We have several lanyards hanging around the house, for several events music or movie events we have been to. This is one example, the badge for the 2007 International Film Festival Rotterdam. 

You may call me a nerd, but at every event where I get to wear one of these badges, I have been known to show the badge to my husband or an unsuspecting attendee, and exclaim, "Leeelooooo Dallas! Muuuultipaaaas!!!"